We have designed a new split doorframe that is able to be fitted to metal stud, timber stud and also brick, block and concrete. Because we have designed the architrave to be 50mm instead of the 40mm architrave that was once widely used the counter sunk hole is located further along meaning the screw can pick up the concrete or brickwork a lot easier than before.




Technical Specifications
The JDS Split Metal Doorframe is made from a 1.2mm Galvanneal. The frames come in 2 separate fully welded sections that are strapped together for transport. When unpacked you simply place on either side of the wall and push together until it stops. The split frame is already square so you simply then need to screw to the wall and bog up the holes. The split frame is available in all standard sizes and can also be made to suit special sizes. Most standard sizes are available ex-stock or a 1-2 day lead time may be required.




Back Opening (B)
85 - 125
125 - 150

Also available in:
70 - 85mm back opening
150 - 200mm back opening
200mm+ back opening


Formula for stud opening sizes:
Add 40mm to your door HEIGHT and WIDTH
(single and double door frames only)


Door sizes Stud opening
2040 x 820mm 2080 x 860mm
2040 x 720mm 2080 x 760mm
2040 x 620mm 2080 x 660mm

Add a further 40mm to your door width for each mullion when using triple, quad or five door combinations.


Note: You must have a minimum 30mm nib on each side of your stud opening to allow for the split frame to be screwed to the stud work
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