JDS have incorporated the RegalFrame design into its knockdown doorframe range. This is great news for those home designs that use brick on the lower floor and stud on the upper floor. The knockdown frame is very popular for country areas due to the fact it comes in 3 pieces and packed as one reducing the cost of country transportation. The mitre system that JDS has designed allows for each corner of the mitre to be opened and closed fitting the wall, resulting in an accurate and neat mitre joint.




Technical Specifications
The RegalFrame Knockdown doorframe is made from a 1.0mm Galvanneal. The frames come in 3 pieces consisting of a head, a hinge stile and a striker stile. These are then packed together to make a complete frame. The knockdown frame is available in all standard sizes and can also be made to suit special sizes. Most standard sizes are available ex-stock.



Back Opening
Overall Dimension
154 x 62mm
154 x 62mm
154 x 62mm
154 x 62mm

3 section split frame

Min Back Opening


Prior to fitting frames please ensure that the stud opening sizes are suitable for knockdown frames.

Formula for stud opening sizes:
Add 40mm to your door HEIGHT and WIDTH
(single and double door frames only)


Door sizes Stud opening
2040 x 820mm 2080 x 860mm
2040 x 1040mm 2080 x 1080mm
2340 x 720mm 2380 x 760mm
2340 x 1040mm 2380 x 1080mm

Add a further 40mm to your door width for each mullion
when using triple, quad or five door combinations.

Note: You must have a minimum 30mm nib on each side of your stud opening to allow for the knockdown frame to be screwed to the stud work
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