The metal roof and ceiling batten was another line that was introduced into the JDS product range during 2010. We offer Ceiling Batten, Roof Batten and also Cyclonic Batten in various finishes. JDS can also cut the batten to your required length. Roof battens are mitre cut while the ceiling battens are straight cut. Ceiling battens are used as a fixing point for Gysum board. They are used in metal truss, timber truss and conventional stick roofs. They are also extensively used in partioning.




Technical Specifications
The Roof, Ceiling and Cyclonic Battens are all available ex-stock in 6.1 meter lengths. The Ceiling Batten is made from 0.42mm BMT G-550 in a finish of either Truecore or Zinc/A. Roof batten is made from 0.55mm BMT G-550 in a finish of either Truecore or Zinc/A. Cyclonic Batten is made from 0.75mm BMT G-550 in Truecore and Zinc/A.




Roof battens
Thickness: 0.55mm BMT



Cyclonic Roof battens
Thickness: 0.75mm BMT



Ceiling battens
Thickness: 0.42mm BMT

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